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A tool I have found very helpful in mothering and life in general are the Bach Flowers. These flower essences are somewhere between herbs and homeopathy—though much closer to homeopathy. They are not chemical in nature, they are vibrational. Because of this, they are safe to us in conjunction with any other treatment or medication and are safe during pregnancy, lactation, and for newborns (and I don’t say that very easily!).

Families start here

A personal mix is mostly water with 2 drops of each Bach Flower needed, at most 7 flowers. Most people don't want to buy a stock bottle when they only need 2 drops from it, especially if they need 7 flowers. My CDO kicked in (it’s like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order like they’re supposed to be ;) ), and I started the collection so I had to finish it. As a result, I have all 38 flowers and Rescue Remedy.

I had the opportunity to take the Level 1 and Level 2 trainings and look forward to taking Level 3 this May and then becoming a registered practitioner. I can make a personal mix for anyone who is interested. Some mixes I’ve prepared are:

Weaning—Walnut (transition, this is a big change), Chicory (possessive love, letting go of mom a bit), Gentian (sad after a setback)

Quit Smoking—Walnut (transition, this is a big change), Crab Apple (cleansing, helping the body get rid of toxins), White Chestnut (that voice in the back of the head telling a person they “need” a cigarette)

New Moms—Walnut (transition, this is a HUGE change), Elm (overwhelmed, no explanation needed), Olive (restore energy), Impatiens (patience)

Becoming a Big Sibling—Walnut (transition), Holly (jealousy), Chicory (possessive love, let go of mom and dad a bit)

Labor—Walnut (transition), Larch (confidence), Mimulus (fear of known things), Olive (restore energy), Rescue Remedy (general stress)

Flu/Cold—Crab Apple (cleansing), Gentian (sad after a setback), Impatiens (patience), Olive (restore energy), Rescue Remedy (general stress)

Sibling Bickering—Beech (intolerance), Chestnut Bud (repeating the same mistakes), Holly (jealousy/hatred), Impatiens (patience), Vine (over-bearing)

Bedtime—Aspen (fear of unknown things), Chicory (possessive love, not wanting to leave mommy), Mimulus (fear of known things), White Chestnut (racing mind), Rescue Remedy (general stress), Oak (allows naturally strong to rest)

School/Concentration—Chestnut Bud (learning), Clematis (grounding), Olive (restore energy), White Chestnut (racing mind), Mimulus (fear of known things, such as tests)

Mothering a Toddler—Beech (intolerance), Cherry Plum (fear of losing control), Elm (overwhelmed), Holly (anger), Impatiens (patience)

Separation Anxiety—Chicory (possessive love), Gentian (sad after a setback), Honeysuckle (dwells in the past), Willow (resentful), Rescue Remedy (general stress)

These are simply general ideas, each mix is made specifically for the individual’s needs.

I charge $20 for a personal mix plus shipping if necessary. This is a little more than the cost of a single stock bottle. Childbirth Class students may have a mix at no extra charge. A bottle usually lasts over a month. Please email me for more information or if you’d like help picking flowers for your personal mix.

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